Whether you own a club, a gym, or a private studio, VisionBody will make good to you.

VisionBody is always looking to expand its reach to more individuals, so they could benefit from its unique technology and achieve their own fitness goals.

Our system is an excellent accelerator to many indoor and outdoor activities, with the wireless group training you can train up to 8 individuals at the same time, each at his own pace. Just imagine the untapped opportunities that you can explore and benefit of with VisionBody.

Get in touch with us today, so we can explore together how we can enable the VisionBody training at your facility.

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Benefits of Using VisionBody


Wireless EMS, like no other

As a unique EMS Functional Workout System, VisionBody facilitates the whole-body muscle training with complete freedom of movemement. VisionBody was designed by athletes, fitness and personal trainers, and was evaluated by orthopedists, physiotherapists and medical technicians.


Time is Money: 20 Min, no delays

Our software helps you to help VisionBody users achieve sustainable training success in the shortest possible time.
With VisionBody it all starts straight away, you don't have to put on used jackets, connect any electrodes, no unnecessary "Wetting" - There's no need to all the traditional set-up process.


Indoor, Outdoor, Everywhere

VisionBody throws off the shackles of static EMS training, but cutting out the cables and replacing it by the latest bluetooth technology. Now the user can enjoy more freedom of movement in the training space, both indoor and outdoor. To do so, we have revolutionised the electrodes, so the user no longer needs to get "Wet" before the traitning starts.


The Power Suit, fits like a glove

No wet suits, No Cables, Only Freedom.
Our VisionBody Power Suit requires no moistening, it just fits like a glove and gives the maximum freedom of movement. this is the stuff EMS training dreams are made of. Or put simply, admire yourself in the mirror and get started!


Group Training: 8 in a Group

VisionBody doesn't just free you from static training, it frees you from static thinking.
VisionBody gives you the unique opportunity to train 8 people at once. Sports and exercise connect, motivate and inspire. Especially when you train together. 8 people can train together in one group, but each at his own pace, (Class or Group setup).


Flexible Booking

As we mentioned in the partnership section on this page, our aim is reach as much induvuduals and athletes as we can. In this perspective, we will make your life easier when partnering with us. You can enable our training at your facility on a time & day selective basis, or you can choose to act as a full-time studio to offer VisionBody trainings to induviduals and to groups.